I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of the Basque Country. I am based at the School of Engineering in Bilbao.

This website shows a brief synopsis of my research, a summary of my professional experience and ways to contact me. Webgune hau euskeraz hemen ikusi daiteke.

My contact e-mail: unai.lopez -at- ehu.eus


My main research area is parallel and distributed computing, with focus on the performance analysis of High Performance Computing and Big Data systems. I am interested in assessing the performance of modern compute environments and in building scalable data processing systems.

Some of my recent works have studied the energy consumption of different Intel multi-core CPUs (WHPBDC 2019) and the scalability of a Large-Eddy Simulation Code in a large-scale compute cluster (C&F 2019).

In the past I have also worked in research projects related to other fields of Computer Science, like IoT/mobile computing (CPSS 2019, IWAAL 2011) and Human-based computation (UIC 2017).

A list of publications is available in Google Scholar and DBLP.


I joined the School of Engineering as faculty in September 2019, where I teach:

Prior to September 2019 I have taught:


This is a list of software that I have developed or contributed to.

Work Experience


Contact and Social Media

My institutional web page with information about office hours is available in Basque and Spanish.

Address: Despacho P3i17, Escuela de Ingeniería de Bilbao - Edificio II, 48013 Bilbao (Spain).

You can find me in social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn or ResearchGate.

I have a SlideShare profile with slides of my presentations/talks and a GitHub profile with some software projects, including this webpage.